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Absolute Events, LLC is a full service event planning company that brings together ten years of experience and knowledge to provide clients with the best food, experiences and prices possible.
Our mission is to create memories and special moments by lessening the headaches and stressors of planning an event. Whether you are a bride-to-be, corporate executive, or a family that wants to make the most of a day, we provide the same level of service and attention throughout. Overall we are here to provide you with the confidence to join the party.
In the Special Event Industry there are plenty of event coordinators and companies to choose from. Remember this; we are in the business of making memories. We are a service based company that still takes the time to listen and understand your wants and needs. We do not want to push our vision, we are here to execute yours.
We are dedicated, professional, honest, and compassionate. We believe in customer service, loyalty, building good relationships and surrounding ourselves with others who feel the same way.


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